Welcome to the Toronto Campus of the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

Since 2001, The Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy has trained thousands of barista and coffee entrepreneurs in the art of coffee preparation excellence. 

Our goal has been to standardize the specialty coffee industry through a number of educational programs for the trade and consumer. Principals of the Academy have played an active role in the specialty coffee industry establishing the country’s first educational trade show forum and barista championships. Top barista trainers and champions provide hands-on espresso instruction, including beginner, advanced and latte art workshops. The Academy’s instructors for “Opening a Cafe” and coffee education seminars have over 35 years experience in the Canadian and US specialty markets. The sessions are open to both novice and seasoned coffee students. Space is limited so register today!

This special training academy for barista (espresso machine operators) and those interested in learning more about coffee and espresso presents its extensive Educational Program. The hands-on training workshops are lead by Canadian and international expert trainers and professional baristas. They are for those new to the industry or those who want to perfect their coffee skills and include: Basic Training, Advanced Training and Expert Barista workshops. Please refer to the schedule for upcoming events in Toronto. Click here to see Vancouver's Campus schedule.

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