Canadian Barista Academy Today July 04, 2016 16:20

The Canadian Barista Academy continues to oversee barista competitions in Canada, and certify judges.

Currently the Canadian Barista Academy is teaching in virtual campuses in four major cities across Canada and growing. 

The Canadian Barista Academy's education focus  is to be an open source academy that allows industry professionals to plug in and become involved as faculty.  Our instructors are actively involved in building  course content and  in research and development for the coffee industry. 

Over the  past 10 years, we have worked  with some of the most talented coffee professionals the world , and have brought in special international instructors, industry consultants,  Canadian champions and even world champions.  

We stand proudly behind our course content,  our instructors, our growing international reputation and our hundreds graduating students, many who have gone on to forge solid careers in the coffee industry both in Canada.  

Our objective is to educate - we simply want to improve coffee quality in Canada, one cup at a time.