Complete Barista Training Bundle (2days)

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The 2-Day professional barista training course combines our popular Barista Levels 1, 2 and 3 classes with the Coffee Tasting level one course into one comprehensive barista training workshop. 

Students will get personalized step by step, practical, hands-on barista training from our expert instructors in latte art, espresso making, machine maintenance, coffee cupping, tastings and how to prepare all the classic espresso based drinks and so much more...

Read more in-depth about this course by following these individual links: 

  1. Barista Level I
  2. Barista Level II
  3. Barista Level III
  4. Bean to Cup class

Train to be a professional barista that is highly competent and confident through our intensive 2 day training! 

No prior experience necessary! 

Get Skills, Get Certificates and Save 25% doing it!

Buy now and get Barista Level 1 class for free!

*limited time offer 

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

* Discount code for Cafe Owners: newcoffeebiz241

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