Bean to Cup


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Duration: 3 hours 
Cost: $279 per person 

Recommended as both an introductory to coffee for those taking Level 1 Barista Training and Opening a Coffee Business and for coffee enthusiasts wanting to know more about coffee and espresso. This class will cover basic facts about coffee, espresso and terminology. This overview will take you from the origins of where it is grown and processed to roasting and blending and all the different methods of producing a perfect cup.

This workshop includes Coffee Cupping and will give you the tools required to train your staff on basic coffee knowledge, interview and work with roasters and educate your customers.

  • Coffee Processing
  • Regional profiles
  • Understanding your palate
  • Comparative Cupping
  • Blind Cupping
  • Finding a Roaster

The Bean to Cup Workshop is also included in the opening a café seminar and takes place on day 2 of the seminar. 

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy.

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