Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q: Do you accept international students?

A: Yes, but you must possess intermediate English listening and comprehension skills. We do offer a special ESL class to small groups of 6-8 students.

Q: Can I skip Barista Levels I and II and just take Barista Level III?

A: Even experienced Baristas can find themselves lagging behind novices whose Baristas careers are just a few hours old. Because a novice has taken Level I and II.

Q: Do I need a coffee background to take the classes?

A: No, however, the Barista Training Classes should be taken in order:

  1. Barista Level 1 then
  2. Barista Level II and then
  3. Barista Level III

Q: Is there an age limit for your Barista Courses?

A: Minimum age requirement is 14 unless accompanied by an adult. 

Q: Are there hotels or B & Bs close by?

A: Yes, click here for two B & Bs and here for two Hotel options .

You can also copy and paste our address ( 633 Bloor Street west, Toronto, Ontario ) into Google Maps, Airbnb, and Trip Advisor to find good affordable places and stay nearby...


Q: Taking transit to the Academy?

A: It is very convenient to use public transit to arrive at the Academy. There are 2 stations nearby (Christie and Bathurst). See the Google map for more details.

Q: Why is this a good investment of my time, effort and money?

A: You know the difference between a regular cup of coffee and a delicious coffee beverage skillfully prepared by an expert Barista. We will turn your good taste into your own business, occupation or simply a way to impress your friends at home. Don’t ever settle for a second rated cup of coffee again.

Q: What happens if I need to re-schedule or cancel?

A: Please refer to our Refund Policy

Q:If I sign up for the ”Opening a Coffee Business” package, do I need to take the classes all at once?

A: It is best, but different arrangements can be made. Please contact us with your special request.

Q: Where are you located? In Toronto at 633 Bloor Street west, Suite D, (upstairs) Toronto, Ontario

Q: I am interested in learning how to coffee roast. Do you offer classes?

A: Yes, click here. However, please consider, that at our Toronto Coffee School we recommend you take our prerequisites Bean to Cup and Barista Level 1 and then apply to our coffee roasting course.

Q: Do you have a job board to post open positions from employers?

A: Yes, you can post your jobs on our Facebook Group or share on our facebook page and I will like it and share it to our social media accounts.